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Many and varied organizations are involved in the essential work of improving and maintaining the health of any given community. It is important to assess the health concerns of each community periodically to ensure that current needs are being addressed. A Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every few years will uncover issues, indicate where improvement goals are needed, and track and promote progress in key areas, so that there is demonstrated, ongoing improvement. The work of conducting this CHNA and the public availability of its findings is intended to enable health-oriented organizations across the community to plan effectively the vital work of maintaining and improving health.

Access the Community Health Needs Assessment online to complete the survey.


NH6New Horizons Healthcare is the Roanoke, Virginia, area’s medical home for community-based health services and education. We provide high-quality, comprehensive and preventive healthcare for all citizens of the Roanoke area, including uninsured, under-insured, and insured patients.



13 for 13

New Horizons Healthcare recently celebrated its 13th year of service to the Roanoke community. In honor of this milestone, we are featuring 13 patients and/or friends of New Horizons who are sharing their stories with you.

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