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Health Beat

Volume I, Issue 2

October 2017

Gloria and her son Elisha at his graduation from Patrick Henry High School last May

Gloria Smiles (and Shines) with Her Son Elisha at Her Birthday Celebration

Are You Hiding Your Smile?

Your parents said it to you on a daily basis. “Brush your teeth!” As an adult, your brushing and flossing habit became part of your routine. So did your visits to the dentist. But what if you do not have health insurance?

“I knew firsthand how important good dental care is to a person,” said Gloria Moyer. “When you can’t see a dentist regularly, you may be at risk for other health     problems including heart  disease, and diabetes.”

But Gloria did not have insurance. She had received poor dental care in the past and was left with huge bills to pay. With her son getting ready to graduate from high school and making college plans, Gloria had to make a choice between her health and her son’s future.

Then someone told her about New Horizons Healthcare’s Dentistry program. “What an amazing dental clinic! And it’s right here in Roanoke!” says Gloria. “The staff is so professional and courteous. They are doing what they love and it shows in their work.”

Gloria also learned that her dental visits were based on her income after she went through an eligibility process. Her out-of-pocket was $30.  “Anything I have done during the visit is covered under the $30,” said Gloria. Prior to her visit to New Horizons Healthcare, Gloria had not seen a dentist in more than ten years. “My smile was so yellow and you could see my cavities,” said  Gloria. “I rarely smiled and I  didn’t feel confident about  myself.”



Don’t hide your smile! Schedule your appointment today.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the second leading cancer death in women, so the need for prevention and early detection is critically important. To help get the word out, the month of October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness.  Steps you can take for yourself or someone you know (note: men can get breast cancer, too) include: scheduling an annual screening exam; knowing how to perform a self-exam; knowing the symptoms and signs; and knowing the risk factors.

“Many women ask what they can do to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer,” said Donna Whitehead, RN, and Health Educator at New Horizons Healthcare.  “It’s many of the same steps we tell our patients with other illnesses. Maintain a healthy weight, be physically active, and limit your alcohol intake. Also be aware of your family history so your provider can determine which screening tests are optimum for you.”

For more information about breast health and breast cancer visit: www.nationalbreastcancer.org or www.cancer.gov/types/breast

New Behavioral Health Staff to Serve You

Jessica Dent, Licensed Professional Counselor, has joined the Behavioral Health Department as a new  Outpatient Therapist.  Jessica earned a Master’s of Science in Community Counseling from Radford University and a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech.  “I started my career working with children,” said Jessica. “I quickly learned that when working with children, traditional “talk therapy” is often not an option.” As younger children are not able to put their thoughts and feelings into words, Jessica used art and play to help them better express their feelings and process the things that have happened to them.”

“Children naturally process the world around them with play, which is one of the reasons we have play versions of things adults use every day; play kitchens, play tools, etc.,” says Jessica. “I truly enjoy working with children as they work through their feelings and worries with their play. It is an awesome experience and their creativity is amazing!”  Jessica also has a great interest in trauma and the impact trauma can have on us physically, as well as emotionally. When working with adults with chronic mental illness, she found that sometimes long-standing trauma had never been addressed. “Our bodies adapt to keep us safe and there are ways to use awareness to our advantage. It is such a wonderful feeling sharing these tools with others and watching them gain confidence and feel empowered.”

Jessica is seeking further training, resources, and tools for addressing trauma.  “Change is possible, and I believe that we all have the ability to overcome, says Jessica.  A native of Roanoke, Jessica is excited about her new role and working with the New Horizons Healthcare team to provide the best possible services.

Painting is one-way children explore and process their experiences.

New Horizons Healthcare Invites You to Join Us as a Volunteer!

Are you looking for ways to be part of New  Horizons Healthcare beyond your dental, doctor, and pharmacy visits? If so, then New Horizons Healthcare invites you to join us as a volunteer. When you volunteer, you are doing good for others, as well as yourself. Studies show that volunteering can improve your help by reducing stress, give you a new sense of purpose, and provide opportunities for social and physical activities.

Volunteer opportunities at New Horizons Healthcare might include special events fundraising like next year’s Star City Slam,  educating the public about programs and services at community events, advocacy with elected officials, greeting and guiding patients, conducting patient surveys, and marketing.

Contact Laura Rawlings at lrawlings@newhorizonshealthcare.org for more information.

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